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re: READ: Application Process

Welcome to Peace Through Violence!

Before applying to the guild, there are a number of things you should be aware of. First of all, it is important that you read and understand our Guild Charter, found within the About Peace Through Violence thread in this forum. This thread will give you all the information you need to decide if Peace Through Violence is a good fit for you and your playstyle.

To apply to the guild, simply click on the Apply to Guild link on the left pane of this website, or click here. If you are an applicant, simply fill out both the account sign-up for GuildLaunch and the guild application, both presented for your convenience on the same page. Fill out the information and click Finish and both your application and account creation will be handled simultaneously.

NOTE: if you are currently a Peace Through Violence member and are visiting the website for the first time, a special Launch Code can be used to bypass application approval, allowing you to instantly become a member without waiting for a guild leader to approve you. This Launch Code can be found in the Guild Information tab in the in-game Guild tab in the Social panel or by speaking with a guild officer.

For applicants, your application will be created and sent to both guildleaders, as well as being posted in a special Recruit Discussion forum. At that point, you are free to contact any of our members and arrange for a short, informal interview with any of our Veterans or the guild leaders. After reviewing your application and that interview, the guild leaders and Veterans will discuss your application and decide whether to extend a guild invite. Alternately, one of the guild leaders or Veterans might chose to recruit you on the spot, depending on the strength of your discussion with them.

If you are chosen to receive an invite, you will enter into a Recruit period, lasting between two to four weeks, depending on your level of activity and participation and general personality and behavior. During this time, we urge you to become involved on the website and in-game and get to know your fellow guildmembers. They'll be posting about you in the Recruit Discussion forum and play an enormous role in determining whether you'll become a full member or not. Keep in mind that at any time during this period, you will be subject to instant expulsion by an officer, although we will thoroughly investigate the matter and determine the severity before said removal from the guild.

During your recruit period, you are eligible for participation in all activites and for receipt of loot during non-raid events, just the same as a full member. During raid events, you are still encouraged to participate and might be eligible for loot, but full members will be given preference for raid slots and raid loot.

If you have any questions about the application process or the guild in general, we encourage you to send a PM on-site or /whisper in game to either Ravth or Ellesar, or speak to any of our members for more general information.

Thank you.


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