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re: Help F.A.Q.

This is the Help F.A.Q., your unified source for finding information concerning Peace Through Violence. Below are some common questions and the answers to them.

So, what is Peace Through Violence (PtV) all about? Why does it only do ten man content?
These answers can be found in our Charter, also located in this forum.

What are your rules of conduct?
We're generally a laid back guild, but we do require courtesy and respect amongst our ranks. Generally all we ask is that our members are polite in-guild and out-of-guild and they follow simple, universal rules of conduct. For a more thorough explanation, we have a post concerning this in our Help forum.

When does PtV raid? How can I sign-up? Can I set up my own events?
There are many ways to sign-up for a raid. The easiest ways are to either click on one of the dates listed in the Raid Signup box on the right or by clicking on a date in the Calendar right above it. Alternately, you can click on the Raid Calendar button on the main navigation bar at the top for an enhanced view of our calendar. Finally, you can also sign-up while viewing the EP/GP Values section or by clicking a date in the Raid Events section below this section. When signing up via the Calendars, you must click the Sign-Up link to the taken to the sign-up page. While we encourage our membership to host their own events, please be sure to never schedule a conflicting event with a event hosted by the guild itself. For more detailed information on signing up for raids or hosting your own events, please read our how-to on it.

How does PtV handle loot during raids? What is EP/GP? How do I know what my current Priority is? I know I've got some EP; why doesn't my name appear on the EP/GP Leaderboard?
Peace Through Violence uses a modified DKP system called EP/GP. Information about EP/GP can be found here, also in this forum. For a how-to on how the system works, go here. To see the current market values for EP/GP, click Raids or Non-Raid. To see your current Priority, simply click the EP/GP Values link on the main navigation bar above or just click here. It's important to understand that if your name doesn't appear on the Leaderboard, it doesn't mean you don't have points, just that your points are insufficient yet to outbid another member (who is on the Leaderboard, that is). To be eligible to outbid another member, you must have accrued at least 300 EP.

I'm new to the raid experience. How do I get started?
While raid etiquette and performance would be a topic far too broad and detailed of scope for this F.A.Q., suffice it to say that raiding can be one of the most challenging activities you can do in WoW and therefore requires a higher level of attention, dedication and patience than soloing or even Heroics. While the answers to these questions can only really come from the act of raiding and being a part of a guild, some very basic, good-to-know tips can be found in our Help Index, here. Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that PtV has specific ranks for our raids. These ranks must be earned by fulfilling specific -although simple- requirements. If you are interested in raiding, you must first become a Legio. To find out how to become a Legio CLICK HERE.

You require a number of add-ons currently to raid, including Omen, EPLM_Core, Deadly Boss Mods, and Vent Voice Chat. How do I install them?
We have a couple of excellent explanations and walkthroughs on both Vent and the in-game mods located in our Help forum. You can also download the guild add-on pack directly from Curse, by clicking HERE.

What are "blended" raids? I'm not in PtV but I've heard I can come on raids with you; how does that work?
Blended raids are essentially a guild-sponsored PuG, but without all of the hassle. Generally, it is a raid -led by PtV and with some guild members- that is open to non-guilded players. It is officially open to a number of peer Staghelm guilds. On these raids, we use our own loot system, so participants must have registered and followed these instructions prior to the raid. All loot on these raids will be handled either using our EP/GP system (or a modified NBG /random system for lower-level raids). For more information, CLICK HERE. If you are an officer in a guild that is interested in becoming a raiding partner, please speak with one of our officers in game, or email


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