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re: On Being a PtV Raider

Being a successful raider is both challenging and rewarding. Like anything worth participating in, you are required to devote a certain amount of time and effort to the activity, the reward of which -in WoW- is the joy and satisfaction of raiding and of obtaining loot. If you are reading this thread, then you are interested in all of these things.

Peace Through Violence has two raider-specific ranks: Legio and Primus Legio ranks. To participate in raids with Peace Through Violence, you must be at least of Legio or Primus Legio rank. To participate in "gearing" Heroic runs (that is: runs created specifically to obtain certain gear for certain people), you must be of Legio or Primus Legio rank.

Essentially, these ranks are for those members who are willing to devote a small amount of energy and time to create an environment for the guild to prosper in. They are essentially, "paying it forward". We are not aiming to exclude any members, but these standards establish who is willing to push the guild forward -above and beyond what is expected of the average guild member- and reward them for that.

Legio is our basic raider rank. It is the rank you must have to be able to sign-up on the raid sign-ups and to be selected for a raid. It is also the rank you must obtain to be eligible to participate in "gearing runs" in WotLK heroics. Why is this? Because these runs are formed to specifically gear people for raids, you must first have proven your dedication to being a raider.

Requirements for being a Legio:

1. You must be level 80 to raid. You can be 75 to attain rank.

2. You must be a Centurion. You must have received a promotion to full member by being endorsed by two officers or be sponsored by a Tribuni Legio or higher.

3. Required Reading. You must read the following posts: Raiding 101, Raid Loot System: EP/GP

4. Minimum Stats. You must maintain one of the following:

    Tanks - 540 defense, 19k health unbuffed
    Healers - 1600 HPS, 350 MP5, 16k mana
    Melee DPS - 1600 DPS single-target
    Ranged DPS - 1800 DPS single-target

5. GL Account Updated. Our loot system utilizes account and character data from your Guildlaunch account (and your PtV membership) to enable you to sign up for events and for attendance and loot tracking. For this system to work properly, your account must have your main character associated -or "claimed"- by your GL account. This must be accomplished before you can become a Legio. Details on how to do this can be found here.

6. Required downloads. You must download our raid add-on pack and Vent. Our Raid Leaders periodically will do version checks for our add-ons, so you must also update them weekly, if needed.

7. Continuing Participation. This is a two-part requirement. To maintain your rank as Legio, you must read and sign the SoG and every raid strategy that the raid leaders post, as well as any indicated threads in the SoG. This must be done on a weekly basis.

8. Participation in our Gearing Runs, via usage of our Instances: Regular & Heroic forums. These runs are aimed at better gearing our raids and by participating in them, you are ensuring we have the best tools for the raids. Furthermore, if you assist on these runs, you are eligible to receive EP (see here)

Primus Legio
Primus Legio is our "elite" raiding rank. When the raid leaders are planning a fight that requires a higher level of gear to accomplish that goal, these individuals are the ones they will usually select first. This rank is indicated by landmark values in terms of requirements for tanks, healers and DPS.

Requirements for being a Primus Legio:

1. Legio Standards. You must fulfill all the same requirements as a Legio.

2. Minimum Gear. You must have at least a 300 PvE rating on

3. Minimum Stats. You must maintain one of the following:

    Tanks - 540 defense, 24k health unbuffed
    Healers - 2000 HPS, 20k mana
    Melee DPS - 2500 DPS single-target
    Ranged DPS - 2700 DPS single-target

4. Raid Participation. You must maintain at least a 30% attendance within the "last 30" and a 50% attendance within the "last 60".

These are the requirements for our raiding ranks. Remember that you cannot raid unless you maintain at least a Legio rank and that some raid nights may give Primus Legio preferential consideration due to difficulty of the bosses.

To verify you have read and understood our requirements for raiding and have fulfilled these requirements, please respond to this thread and answer the following questions. Understand that you will continue to be required to "sign" our State of the Guild each week and to sign any new raid strategies that are posted to maintain your rank as well.

Respond, Answer and Sign wrote:

Verification questions:
1. List three things that we require of our raiders (Raiding 101).
2. What add-ons do we require (Raiding 101)?
3. What does EP and GP stand for (Raid Loot System: EP/GP)?
4. How is Priority Rating determined (Raid Loot System: EP/GP)?
5. Finally, when should you be on-site for a raid (Raiding 101)?

(CLICK HERE) to answer these questions and sign that you have read this thread.


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