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re: Strategy: Bastion of Twilight



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re: Strategy: Bastion of Twilight

Halfus Wyrmbreaker
Normal Mode

The Basics:
This encounter is a two phase DPS race with some interesting mechanics. The main boss can be tanked and dragged pretty much anywhere in the room, so if the tank needs to move the boss be ready for it. There will be a flying Proto-Drake in the back of the room that is un-targetable and does not move throughout the entire encounter, it will flame breath the raid periodically for minimal raid damage.

There are multiple minibosses that are chained down around the outskirts of the room, one of them will be interactive (random each week) and will help you fight Halfus by giving you some sort of buff and Halfus a debuff. Halfus will bind himself to whatever minion is helping you though and you will have to kill the miniboss that was helping you and must deal with both Halfus' damage and his newfound minion that has a particular ability, again, it's random. However, when you kill the enslaved minion, Halfus will take 50% more damage.

The mechanics for halfus are fairly simple:

Furious Roar - Deals 10k damage and knocks the raid down, including the tank. 1.5sec cast (assuming it can be interrupted)

Berserk - Increases damage dealt by 500%. This is his enrage, everyone is approximating the timer to be about 8 minutes.

The Strategy:
At the pull, Halfus will immediately bind to the first miniboss and the raid must kill it immediately. So the first 30-45 seconds of the fight are with no DPS to the boss whatsoever. After the first minion is dead, the raid needs to DPS Halfus because he is now taking 50% more damage and the tank needs to move Halfus across the room to the emerald whelp cage which is located about where the raid pulls, if the tank neglects to do this and the whelps happen to be the second random miniboss, then the whelps will destroy the healers and ranged DPS before the tank gets a chance to pick them up.

Once the second miniboss is bound to Halfus, stop all DPS on Halfus and kill the miniboss. After the miniboss is dead, Halfus will now be taking 100% extra damage. Once Halfus is at 25% HP he will go into phase 2.

Phase 2 is similar to Lord Marrowgar's bonestorm ability, only Halfus will keep spinning until he is killed and everytime someone gets hit, it places a -10% healing debuff on them. Phase two is the true DPS race here and it would be a good time to use Heroism/Time Warp, because if you don't kill Halfus fast enough everyone in the raid will hit 10 stacks of the healing debuff or he will enter Berserk mode and kill everyone anyways.

Valiona & Theralion
Normal Mode

The Basics:
You start the encounter fighting Valiona while Theralion hovers above the raid shooting at you. At some point during the encounter, Theralion switches places with Valiona and has a couple different abilities than her too, however both of their health bars are shared so any damage you deal to one is dealt to the other. This fight is very heavy on mechanics and will take execution in order to complete, it isn't so much of a pushover as Halfus is, so make sure you are completely situationally aware during this encounter. Just remember that this encounter isn't necessarily a DPS race against an enrage timer or a healing check, it is a raid awareness test.

Blackout - Lasts 15 seconds, when it expires or is dispelled it deals 350k damage and is split among anyone standing within 8yds

Twilight Meteorite - Deals 150k damage and splits the damage to anyone standing within 6yds

Engulfing Magic - Deals damage to nearby enemies (10yds?) equal to the amount of healing or damage you do.

Dazzling Destruction - Deals 80k damage every second, stand in it for 4 seconds you get sent to the Twilight Realm (it's bad)

Twilight Blast - Hits random people in raid and deals about 30k damage to players standing within 8yds of the person who got hit by it. 6 second cast.

Fabulous Flames - Explosion that deals mediocre damage, about 25k.

The Strategy:
On the pull all the ranged should be spread out, because Theralion will be casting Twilight Blasts on random people and too much raid damage is bad. Almost instantly after pulling Valiona someone in the raid will get Blackout, this means the raid has 15 seconds to stack on the person or else that raid member dies, a mechanic similar to the green ooze on Professor Putricide. Blackout can be dispelled, but only if the raid is quick enough to stack because it doesn't need to be dispelled prematurely or else the person who has the debuff dies. After the Blackout debuff drops, immediately spread back out.

Theralion does another ability while hovering above the raid called Dazzling Destruction, which puts humongous void zones on the ground that deal tremendous amounts of damage to anyone standing in it and if someone stands in it without dying for 4 seconds they get teleported to the Twilight Realm. The Twilight Realm is a very bad place to be, if you get teleported there, you must play frogger with blue crystal orbs that will kill you on touch to a portal that brings you back out of the realm. So don't get teleported there in the first place and stay out of the void zone.

At 75% Valiona will swap places with Theralion. Valiona's most important ability while she is airbourne is the Twilight Meteorite. They are similar to old school Ahn'Qiraj meteors and split damage to anyone standing under them. She takes 6 seconds to cast Twilight Meteorite, so you must hurry and stack on the person who has it if you are even somewhat near them. While in the air, Valiona will also deep breath 1/3 of the room. The only way to know which 1/3 she is deep breathing is to look up and see where she is positioning herself.

Also, Engulfing Magic occurs periodically throughout the entire encounter. When you have Engulfing Magic, move out of the raid to a remote spot where you can still heal or DPS unless you are melee. Always be aware of where you are so you can easily move away from the raid.

This is basically the fight, at 50% Theralion will swap with Valiona and then at 25% Valiona will swap with Theralion. Heroism/Time Warp is best used on the pull or whenever most preferred.

Twilight Ascendant Council
Normal Mode

The Basics:
*I'm refering to the bosses as Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind. So when I say, "melee should be on Fire" I don't mean the hot flaming stuff, I mean the Fire boss.

This is a three phase encounter where you have to deal with two separate councilmen in each of the first two phases. In the first phase, you have to deal with the Water and Fire councilmen. Water has a melee-range AoE and puts debuffs onto the raid. Fire has a knockback and leaves trails of fire to the person he knocks back. In phase two, Wind and Earth councilmen come out and instead of small mechanics like Fire and Water, they pretty much blow up the entire room and if you don't have the correct buff in order to immune yourself from their abilities, you die. Phase three is a DPS race, all four elements combine to create an Elementium Monstrosity and while doing massive AoE damage to the raid, you have to kill the boss before your healers start running out of mana.

Waterlogged - A 60 second duration debuff that can only be removed by running into the Fire councilmen's trail of fire.

Frozen - If you fail to remove Waterlogged, you get frozen in place dealing 40k damage every 2 seconds.

Glaciate - Deals massive frost damage to nearby enemies, if this AoE ability hits anyone that is Waterlogged it will instantly freeze them.

Inferno Leap - Leaps at a random ranged enemy knocking any nearby targets back

Inferno Rush - This is the trail of fire left behind his Inferno Leap, you should run into this to dispell your Waterlogged debuff. Deals 5k damage per second while standing in it.

Flame Torrent - Frontal cone attack that inflicts about 40k damage every second for 3 seconds.

Call Winds - This creates nearby tornados that when walked into, gives a levitation buff.

Thundershock - Deals 80k damage to all enemies, less effective against enemies that are "grounded".

Gravity Well - Running into these gravity wells will give you a buff that "grounds" you.

Harden Skin - Absorbs 500k damage, while hardened he will deal +100% physical damage

Rupture - Ground ruptures dealing 40k damage within 4 yards of the rupture.

Quake - Deals 70k damage to anyone that is on the ground.

The Strategy:
When starting the fight, each tank will pull Fire and Water and tank them separately. Generally, melee need to be on Fire to interrupt casts and also so they don't get hit by Glaciate. Fire guy will periodically jump back and forth between a member in the raid and the tank that has aggro on Fire, leaving a trail of fire between the two.

Anyone in the raid that doesn't have aggro on the bosses are susceptible to Waterlogged. If you happen to get Waterlogged, you have 60 seconds to clear it by running into a fire trail. Also, if you have Waterlogged and get hit by the Glaciate AoE you get instantly frozen. So, it is in your best interest to clear the Waterlogged debuff as soon as possible once you get it.

Both bosses should be evenly DPS'd and made sure of that both hit 30% HP at the same time, this is highly important come phase three. Once either of the Water or Fire bosses hit 30%, phase two occurs. In phase two, Wind and Earth are also separately tanked and DPS should again be even all the way down to 30%. Because of Chain Lightning and Lightning Rod, it is in the melee's best interest to be on the Earth boss during this phase.

Phase two is very similar to the Twin Valkyrs, in which you must have a certain buff to negate a boss' ability. You must have the Gravity Well's buff to negate a Thundershock and you must have a Tornado Vortex's buff to negate a Quake. The order of special abilities will always begin with a Quake then transition into a Thundershock and then back to a Quake. Because we know this, when the phase begins everyone in the raid should run into a Tornado Vortex. Because we don't have any good timers, make sure you buffer your time wisely between special abilities by getting the opposite buff once a special ability has gone off (Ex. Once Quake is over, immediately run into a Gravity Well so you are safe).

Phase three is a huge DPS race, all Heroisms/Time Warps and major DPS cooldowns should be saved for this phase. The Elementium Monstrosity hits hard and deals massive raid damage so if the DPS take too long the healers will be quick to run out of mana and the raid will wipe.

Normal Mode

The Basics:
In this encounter, raid members recieve another UI feature at the bottom of their screen that tracks how corrupted their blood is. I will list the effects of Corrupted Blood in the "Mechanics" section. Cho'gall has two phases. In the first phase adds will spawn periodically in certain parts of the room and should be killed immediately. Phase two begins at 25% HP and the room will phase into a dark realm with a bunch of small adds, these need to be killed immediately entering phase two. Cho'gall does increased damage while in phase two as well as increases everyone's Corrupted Blood at a constant rate. Heroism/Time Warp are best used in phase two.

Corrupted Blood effects:

Corruption: Accelerated - At 25% You start getting Corrupted Blood faster.

Corruption: Sickness - At 50%, it causes you to randomly vomit and inflict 20k Shadow damage to friends in a 5 yard cone in front of you.

Corruption: Malformation - At 75%, a Malformation will grow out of your back which will cast Shadow Bolts at nearby friendly players.

Corruption: Absolute - At 100%, you receive 100% less from heals but inflict 100% additional damage and spells are cast instantly.

Corrupted Adherents:

Depravity - Inflicts 25k Shadow damage to enemies within 20 yards and causes Corruption.

Corrupting Crash - Fires a shadow missile at a target, dealing 45k Shadow damage to all enemies near the impact. (Yes, it's shadow crash.)

Spilled Blood of the Old God - After you kill an Adherent it puts this defile-looking graphic on the ground that deals 15k damage per second and increases Corrupted Blood.

Festering Blood - Causes any, dead or alive, Corrupted Adherent to start casting Sprayed Corruption. If the Adherent is dead, it will summon small "Living Blood of the Old God" oozes to from it's body.

Sprayed Corruption - Inflicts 35k Shadow damage every 2 seconds to nearby players and increases Corrupted Blood.

Phase 1:
    Conversion - Causes a random player to start Worshipping Cho'gall, causes Twisted Devotion on him every 3 seconds. Can be interrupted.

    Twisted Devotion - Increases damage done by 10% for 20 seconds. Stacks.

    Summon Corrupting Adherent - Cho'gall summons a Corrupting Adherent from a nearby portal to aid him.

    Fester Blood - Causes Festering Blood on all Adherents.

    Flame's Orders - Cho'gall starts casting random flame spots on the ground, don't stand in them.

Phase 2:
    Corruption of the Old God - Inflicts 5k Shadow damage every 2 seconds to the entire raid. Causes Corrupted Blood.

    Darkened Creations - Small adds that will cast Debilitating Beams on random raid members.

    Debilitating Beam - Reduces healing and damage done by 75% and inflicts 8k Shadow damage every 1 second for 10 seconds.

The Strategy:
In order to keep everyone's Corrupted Blood low, you need to stay away from any of Cho'gall's abilities and his add's abilities. The only adds during this entire fight that do not cause an increase for your Corrupted Blood is the Oozes that spawn from the corpses of festering adherents.

The main tank in this fight will need to move to each location where Cho'gall will summon his Adherents from so the Melee can easily swap and kill the Adherents quickly before Cho'gall casts Fester Blood. When Cho'gall casts Fester Blood, the ranged must take care of any Oozes that spawn from corpses of Adherents and melee must move away from any living Adherents to avoid the Sprayed Corruption. As soon as the Adherent is killed, the main tank should pull Cho'gall away from its corpse and be ready to move him to the next portal where another adherent will spawn.

From the very beginning of the encounter Cho'gall will cast Conversion which mind controls a player and makes them channel a damage buff to Cho'gall. You must interrupt the player immediately by anything: Stun, Kick, Pummel, Counterspell, Shock.

The adds in this fight are a main priority. The Adherents do a Shadow Crash ability that shouldn't be stood in, and it acutally shows you on the ground where it will hit so it is very easy to move out of. Make sure that no raid members are standing anywhere near any existing Adherents when Cho'gall casts Fester Blood as well. The ranged will have to take care of Oozes, but the melee need to especially watch where they are positioned.

Once Cho'gall hits 25% HP he will transition into phase two. The room will enter a shadow realm with a bunch of little adds called Darkened Creations in it. Make these adds a priority in Phase Two, kill them all then pop Heroism/Time Warp to finish Cho'gall. Heroism/Time Warp can be used to clear out the adds by discretion.


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