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Karazhan 1, Clear 1:

Karazhan 1, Clear 1edit raid

Date: 2008/10/28 21:00
Attendees: 14
1 Bonus: Raid Signup   Event DKP5.00 Event Attendees12 Event Date6:14
Total: 0
2 Bonus: On-Time   Event DKP10.00 Event Attendees8 Event Date8:42
Total: 0
3 Attumen the Huntsman   Event DKP15.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date21:16
Vambraces of Courage Razthal 168
Total: 168
4 Moroes   Event DKP20.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date22:01
Total: 0
5 Maiden of Virtue   Event DKP25.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date22:14
6 The Crone   Event DKP25.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date22:34
7 Nightbane   Event DKP43.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date22:59
8 The Curator   Event DKP23.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date23:21
9 Terestian Illhoof   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date23:59
10 Shade of Aran   Event DKP32.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date0:12
11 Chess Event   Event DKP5.00 Event Attendees10 Event Date0:34
12 Prince Malchezaar   Event DKP41.00 Event Attendees9 Event Date0:56
13 Netherspite   Event DKP35.00 Event Attendees9 Event Date1:18
14 Prince Tenris Mirkblood   Event DKP0.00 Event Attendees11 Event Date1:23
Arcanite Ripper Nahkaev 305
Total: 305




(*) Indicates characters who are no longer in this guild, but are maintained for historical purposes. More information is available here.

Attendees By Class

ClassAttendeesClass Percentage
DruidRohann1 (7.14%)
MageSonora, *Knickers2 (14.29%)
Paladin*Nahkaev1 (7.14%)
Priest*Zanshaa, *Canihealuplz, *Dtoxx3 (21.43%)
RogueCorvus1 (7.14%)
Shaman*Grassfiend1 (7.14%)
Warlock*Gothena, *Gannaria, *Sathan3 (21.43%)
WarriorTetsuyo, Razthal2 (14.29%)

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Raid Summary
Latest Item(s)
Wodin's Lucky Necklace
for 275
Shaft of Glacial Ice
for 0
Chestguard of the Failed Experiment
for 389
Bloodstained Surgeon's Shoulderguards
for 291
Neverending Winter
for 583
Whispering Fanged Skull
for 291
Scourgelord's Baton
for 99
Citadel Enforcer's Claymore
for 389
Abomination Knuckles
for 583
Cloak of Many Skins
for 50
Bloodstained Surgeon's Shoulderguards
for 75
Scourge Stranglers
for 75
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